Mr. Harrison L. Gerling
  • Name: Harrison L. Gerling II

  • Birthday: 13 November 1981

  • Job: Technologist

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About Me

Started working when I was about 12 years old in 1993, digitizing and reverse engineering mylars using calcom/accutab digitizers and CAD systems to develop 3D models. At 16 years old I joined my fathers contract CNC Programming business at Gerling's Precision Layout in 1996 on a part time basis where I worked as an apprentice learning how to develop CNC Programs for various aircraft companies. In 2003 I went to NIAR workshops to learn Catia V5 to incorporate into our business practices. In 2004 we added portable CMMs to provide QA inspection, 3D reverse engineering, and metrology services. In 2005 we expanded into manufacturing by acquiring a variety of machines to provide a complete turn-key manufacturing business. All along the way I was being promoted to the level of VP of operations and technology.

My education background includes a lot of research and development practices to integrate the latest innovations into our business practices. I started my own company in 2000, Elite Development to umbrella my growing R&D services with regards to hardware and software development. I am presently still providing R&D services to companies needing to improve the quality of their products and services, also to increase their profitablility and to position themselves to be prepared for accelerated innovations. Throughout my educational journey I attended workshops at NIAR to learn Catia V5, Part Design, Drafting, Advanced Wireframe and Surfaces, Prismatic Machining, Advanced Machining, and Kinematics. I also attended Wichita State University to learn software and hardware development in which through my experience I found that if there was something I wanted to know, then I needed to get the book. So I have an extensive collection of engineering and technical books for prototyping Wifi devices, hardware and software design and development. I have recently finished an Associates of Applied Science in Robotics from WSUTech to update and add additional technical skills.

In 2001 I got involved with developing GPS algorythims by competing in research competitions. In 2002 I attended online courses through the Walter School of Oney in Boston to learn how to develop device drivers. In 2004 I attended online courses for learning the Basic Stamp microcontroller development. In 2005, I took a position at Cisco systems to expand on my IoT R&D and network equipment sales skills. In 2003 I attended online courses through 3DBuzz to learn how to develop my own proprietary CAD system and Video Game interactive design and development using open source tools and Microsoft .Net. In 2013 I acquired the an MTA Microsoft Certified Professional certification with emphasis in SQL architecture and development.

Now here we are in the Future with much much more to go with regards to automation, machine learning, and AI! I get excited to unwrap the future day by day, project by project, and learning more everyday.

In 2009 my father liquidated Gerling's Precision Layout which lead to me taking a position with SMS Coporation as a Senior Area Manager to provide business consultations to a variety of businesses across a variety of industries and locations, which lead to me attending and learning more about business fundamentals and practices through Ashford and National American University. As well as gaining risk management, marketing, and sales skills through positions acquired at a variety of businesses.

In 2013 I ventured into the gig economy by providing website, digital marketing services for a variety of businesses across the Globe.

In 2017 I attended the Online Trading Academy to learn multiple asset classes. Equities, futures, forex, and options. Throughout this education was to develop stock trading signals, strategies, and trading robots.

In 2019 I took a position as a student lab technician at the NIAR Robotics and Automation lab to acquire additional systems integration skills.

In 2018 I started taking steps to position myself to start a new competitive training and staffing company to help meet the skills gap, and economic inequality issues. As a democrat, I believe we are the ones to provide the solutions for our communities to improve mankind as a whole. Our problems are our opportunites. What's good for your kids, is good for my kids, is good for our city, is good for our state, is good for our country and ultimately is good for the world.

My Services

Technical Training

Contact me to schedule a bootcamp training for yourself or your employees in a variety of technologies.

Business Analysis

Schedule a consultation to take advantage of the treasure trove of business analytics that we can provide.


It's not about eliminating jobs. Let's sit down together to map out a value added approach to expanding current workforce abilities and skills through automation.

Technical Skills

  • Automation Skills

  • Hardware Skills

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  • Robotics Skills

  • System Integration Skills

  • IoT Skills

  • Web Technology Skills

  • Manufacturing Skills

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Business Skills

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My Resume

  • Working History

  • iiTr

    2020 - Present


  • Elite Development

    2000 - Present

    Founder & CEO.

  • Gerling's Precision Layout

    1993 - 2014

    VP of operations and technology.

  • Education History

  • WSUTech

    2018 - 2020

    Associate of Applied Science in Robotics.

  • Wichita State University

    2000 - 2013

    Bachelor in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

  • Wichita East High School

    1996 - 2000

    High School Graduate.


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  • Phone: +1 (316) 218-2481
  • Job: Systems Integrator
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